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Aerial and Elevated
We have been operating our elevated mast photography for some time now, this allows us to take high vantage point photos where drone flights would be impossible or restricted.

We are now progressing with our CAA PFCO application for Commercial Drone operations and expect this to be completed during the latter half of February/early March


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Parties and Celebrations

Theres nothing better than having a good time whether it be a party, reunion, birthday or work christmas party.

Why not remember the night for the good reasons and have us take photos of your event!

We've shot work parties, birthdays and private parties for celebrities, just take a look at the pics! We can either shoot unobtrusively or take control!!.

For a fee that is cheaper than ordering and printing just 5 disposable cameras, you get high quality shots - each one is perfect, in focus and exposed properly. Theres no red eye! no fingers across lenses and definately no pictures of the floor!

You get ALL of the pictures that we can take during the time we are there and we can be available from half an hour to all night!

The shots will come on a DVD which is included in the price, we can also arrange for prints to be produced and copies of the DVD made.

For more information and a price thats guaranteed to make you say yes! Get in touch